Why FoM

FoM® (pronounced "foam")  is a brand new skin care product line designed exclusively from the start to enhance the look and style of both men and women— we call it Sex-Flex™ formulation. FoM isn't about androgyny, but rather the embodiment of today's movement towards unique expression and self-determination-- a celebration of your unique individuality.

But what skin care line is embracing this new 21st century view of “being your own brand”?

None, until FoM.

Why should you be anything else but you- true to yourself and who you are? At FoM, we believe we are more than a product, we are a lifestyle. Your lifestyle.

Live the FoM life.

Aesthetics are Evolving. Are You? ™


What is face/it ™ ?

Our very first product! face/it is not makeup, and much more than a moisturizer. We call it a facial enhancer. face/it is a cream that has self-adjusting tint that instantly blends to your skin tone for a smooth, flawless, natural finish. face/it is perfect for both girls wanting a fresh, clean style and guys who want an edge in looking their best.

We reject animal cruelty, and do no animal testing of our products. And we strive for sustainability, so all our bottles are made from recyclable plastic.

Made in USA