Just What is a "Makeover" Anway?

The definition of a makeover? “A complete transformation or remodeling of something, especially a person’s hairstyle, makeup, or clothes,” at least according to Google it is.  Then there is the definition from the Free Dictionary, “an overall treatment to improve something or make something more attractive or appealing.”  Or it states that a makeover is, “an enhancement of someone’s overall beauty.”  

We here at FOM World choose the latter meaning because enhancing your own natural beauty in a way that just brings out the best features in your face and evens out your skin tone is what face/it™ is all about.  This is why we are giving makeovers to people who want to be their own brand, and be true to themselves, looking the most glowing, happy version of how they were meant to look.  The key word is to “enhance,” the look that you already have, not change your look completely or attempt to be someone who you are not. 

We took blogger Kristina, and cancer survivor and film student, Patrick, and gave them both makeovers using face/it™ and a few style tricks.  Kristina has pale skin and blonde hair, so red spots on her face show up even more.  Patrick has dark hair, but also pale skin and so dark spots and any skin imperfections also shows up on his face.  Coming in three shades, light, medium, and deep, we chose the light face/it™ for both Kristina and Patrick.   

Using just fingers to blend face/it™ onto their skin took away any dark or red spots, and with its self-adjusting color, it adapted to their natural skin tones, evening out the face.  For Patrick, that was all he needed to instantly look brighter and show off his features, and for Kristina, after we put on face/it™, she applied her regular foundation, completing the face transformation.  Patrick’s journey is especially an inspiring story, as after surviving a battle with cancer, he realized that there is no time like the present to embrace his individuality and dress and look the way he always wanted to.  No barriers to looking your best! 

We encourage everyone to not wait until it’s too late to start fully embracing yourself and stop conforming to society’s standards!  To add that last touch of a makeover, we also put Patrick’s long locks into a bun and threw a scarf around his neck to match his shoes and bring the whole outfit together.  When asked how both of them felt, they both said it was so lightweight that they didn’t feel like they had any product on their face, and were happy to go about their day, just feeling that touch of confidence that radiates from within when you feel your best on the outside. 

We partnered with the show, “Style is…by Vivacious D.” and filmed the whole makeover.  Watch out for the video coming soon, and see a few of our tips for doing your own personal makeover below!

Aesthetics are evolving…are you?

Makeover Tips:

1.     Keep in mind that less is more-especially where the face is concerned.  Layers of makeup look cakey and make you look older than you are.

2.     Teeth whitening-a brighter smile instantly makes you look happier and younger.

3.     Add one statement piece to your outfit that stands out and pulls everything together.  Think scarf, hat, bag, or bright shoes.

4.     Make dull hair shiny-seal split ends with a drop of your favorite conditioner while hair is dry.

5.     Stand up straight! Great posture is the easiest way to immediately project confidence.

6.     Always think “contrast.”  Looser pants with tighter top and vice versa.  Bulky sweater with tight jeans. Super dark eyes, with lighter lips and vice versa.  When in doubt, create that contrast!

7.     Find at least one signature look that always makes you feel good regardless of if it’s “in-style” and make it your go-to when you are lacking inspiration and just want to feel like yourself.

Why does the world need another skin care brand?

The answer to that question is part of the “why” of FoM®—our reason for being. The beginnings of FoM started off when we took note of the changes happening in people’s attitudes about themselves and their world. A new interest in self-determination and actualization; a growing chorus of folks saying I want to discover me, and embrace and celebrate that idea—whatever it may be!

Given our interest in aesthetics and style, we turned to the beauty and skin care industry and surveyed the landscape. We weren’t happy with what we saw! There were no products, let alone brands, that we could find that resonated with that new world/life view.

In the “old days”, brands existed to make you conform to the company’s view of the world—their view of what it was to be “cool”, or beautiful and handsome. Who can forget the early years of Ralph Lauren—‘wear our products and be a part of the old money, Great Gatsby, elitist world!’

But what skin care line was embracing the new 21st century view of “being your own brand”.

None, until FoM.

We are bringing to market not only a product but also a brand that is true to you and your lifestyle. We are designing all our products—including our facial enhancer face/it™ —to that end. FoM will change and grow as you do, and never try and restrict you into a narrow-minded world that some Madison Avenue advertising executive thinks you should exist in!

We think aesthetics are evolving—and we all are as well. Come join us on the journey--and get your FoM on!

Why should you be anything else but you- true to yourself and who you are?
At FoM, we believe we are more than a product- we are a lifestyle. Your Lifestyle.