What is FoM?

FoM® (pronounced "foam") is a skin care brand designed exclusively from the start to enhance the look and style of anyone — we call it Sex-Flex™ formulation. FoM isn't about androgyny, but rather the embodiment of today's movement towards unique expression and self-determination.  At FoM, we recognize that the old roles and rules of gender are confining and obsolete — and so are much of today's skin care products.  

We reject animal cruelty, and do no animal testing of our products. And we strive for sustainability, so all our bottles are made from recyclable plastic. Made in USA.


What is face/it ™?

Our very first product! face/it is not makeup, and much more than a moisturizer. We call it a facial enhancer. face/it is a cream that has self-adjusting tint that instantly blends to your skin tone for a smooth, flawless, natural finish. Available in three easy-to-apply shades for any skin type. Use it instead of foundation, or in place of primer if you want a more full coverage look.

What does face/it ™ do?

  • Evens skin tone and helps hide imperfections

  • Auto-Adjusting Color blends to your natural skin tone

  • Comes in three natural shades: light, medium, and deep

  • Ultra-lightweight with replenishing moisture

  • Absorbs excess oil

  • Rich in natural anti-oxidants

  • Contains natural mineral based sun screen

  • Fragrance free

  • Can also be used as a primer


How do you apply face/it ™ ?

Use face/it to work on a problem area, or more generally over your face for an even skin tone, and to help absorb oil and to take advantage of the product’s mineral based sunscreen. [see the face/it application video here.]


Who is face/it ™ for?

For anyone that wants to have a better look! face/it is perfect for both girls wanting a fresh, clean style and guys who want an edge in looking their best.


What does Sex-Flex Technology mean?

face/it, and all future products from FoM, are designed to be used for everyone—regardless of gender.


What is Auto-Adjusting Color?

Our Auto-Adjusting Color goes on neutral — but uses encapsulated pigments that blend naturally with your complexion assuring you get a perfect skin tone match (available in one of three natural shades).


Does face/it ™ have SPF?

Yes, face/it contains a natural, mineral based sunscreen. The degree of SPF will vary with the amount of face/it applied.


How often should I apply face/it ™?

You can apply face/it everyday, or just when you are looking for an extra edge.


Is face/it ™ hypoallergenic?

We aren’t aware of face/it causing allergic reactions, but of course immediately stop using the product if you believe you are having an allergic reaction, and thoroughly rinse the product off with water. If irritation continues, please consult a doctor.


Can face/it ™ replace foundation?

Yes. If you are looking for more full coverage, you can use face/it as a primer.


Does face/it ™ work for oily skin?

Yes, face/it is designed to absorb excess skin oil. If you have oily skin, don't apply moisturizer before applying face/it.


Can I apply any type of powder or makeup on top of face/it ™?

Yes, if you feel you want to add more color, you can.


Does face/it ™ have a smell?

No, face/it is odor and fragrance free.


Where is face/it ™ made?

face/it is made 100% in the USA.


How long does face/it ™ last?

Up to 24 hours depending on how much you perspire.


What is the difference between face/it ™ and BB Cream?

face/it is not a makeup, but a facial enhancer.


What other good things are in face/it ™?

face/it contains glycerin, a natural moisturizer, anti-oxidants like Vitamin E and B5, and natural mineral sunscreen.