(Medium) face/it™ facial enhancer from FoM®.


(Medium) face/it™ facial enhancer from FoM®.


Not makeup but much more than a moisturizer. We call it a facial enhancer!

And our Sex-Flex™ formulationmeans face/it™ is perfect for both girls wanting a fresh, clean style and guys who want an edge in looking their best.

    • Evens skin tone and helps hide imperfections
    • Auto-Adjusting Color goes on neutral, then blends to your natural skin tone
    • Ultra-lightweight with replenishing moisture
    • Absorbs excess oil
    • Rich in natural anti-oxidants
    • Contains natural mineral based sun screen
    • Fragrance free
    • Can also be used as a primer

Choose from LIGHT, MEDIUM, or DEEP.

Made in USA

We reject all forms of animal cruelty and testing.

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(Medium) face/it™ facial enhancer from FoM®.