Why does the world need another skin care brand?

The answer to that question is part of the “why” of FoM®—our reason for being. The beginnings of FoM started off when we took note of the changes happening in people’s attitudes about themselves and their world. A new interest in self-determination and actualization; a growing chorus of folks saying I want to discover me, and embrace and celebrate that idea—whatever it may be!

Given our interest in aesthetics and style, we turned to the beauty and skin care industry and surveyed the landscape. We weren’t happy with what we saw! There were no products, let alone brands, that we could find that resonated with that new world/life view.

In the “old days”, brands existed to make you conform to the company’s view of the world—their view of what it was to be “cool”, or beautiful and handsome. Who can forget the early years of Ralph Lauren—‘wear our products and be a part of the old money, Great Gatsby, elitist world!’

But what skin care line was embracing the new 21st century view of “being your own brand”.

None, until FoM.

We are bringing to market not only a product but also a brand that is true to you and your lifestyle. We are designing all our products—including our facial enhancer face/it™ —to that end. FoM will change and grow as you do, and never try and restrict you into a narrow-minded world that some Madison Avenue advertising executive thinks you should exist in!

We think aesthetics are evolving—and we all are as well. Come join us on the journey--and get your FoM on!

Why should you be anything else but you- true to yourself and who you are?
At FoM, we believe we are more than a product- we are a lifestyle. Your Lifestyle.